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Looking for a way to REengage your workforce, while still staying compliant? Want to spice up and improve the efficiency of the onboarding process? Check out how Unlimited Inertia can do JUST THAT!

My Discovery Destination!


How do Humans & Electronics learn to play nice? Want to learn how to remove yourself or your family from the addictions of social media? 

Do You Want It?

Do you want it? Do you REALLY want it? Healthy Lifestyles are HARD. Get the support you need by reaching out at www.buzybreezie.com

Back to Health


Need a Chiropractor?  I know a guy who focuses on total body wellness so you achieve long-term relief, and not just temporary support.

Selling Chalk to a Chalkboard

Selling Ice to an Eskimo?  Seems a whole lot easier with Unlimited Inertia’s tools!

Intro to Video Resumes

Ever wonder why the “other guy” always gets the interview? You’re so much more qualified, but you never even make it past the screening process! Wanna bust out of the mold and blow your competition away?

Demo Video Resume


Who better to introduce our Jack-of-All-Trade Video Resumes than THE Jack-of-All-Trades?
Introducing the Man, The Myth, THE LEGEND:   Franklin Benjamin

Intro to Explainer Videos

What do you do when you’ve got a TRULY innovative concept – one that could save your stakeholders time, energy, and money – but no way to communicate that to your customers or employees? Take a look…

Demo Explainer Video


Ever wondered how we – as humans – ever got off the ground? Listen as one of the all-time experts on Flight gives us the flyby…

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