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So Tell Me… What Got You Into This?

Larry Miller, Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, and J.K. Rowling.

You don’t see the connection, do you?

Most people don’t.

But they are some of my heroes, due to a commonality we share.  Each one of us was told, in one way or another, that we weren’t ‘good enough.’

“You should just give up.”

“You’re not smart enough.”

“You don’t have the right experience.”

“You’re just not cut out for this.”


And each one of us had the wherewithal to ignore the naysayers, and continue to believe in ourselves.  Even when the evidence was mounting in the naysayers favor.

For me, I was in the midst of a long, drawn-out job search when hardships closed one door and opened another.  I’d faced rejection after rejection for months when my dream company called me up for an interview.  I was ecstatic!  I did all the right things to prepare and said all the right things in the interview, but it didn’t work out.

That was okay.  There were a bunch of other openings at the company and I was willing to come in from the ground floor if I needed to.  So I applied again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  And wouldn’t you believe I applied some more?

I lost track of how many different jobs I applied for at this company, but the rejections continued to mount.  I wasn’t even getting screening interviews, for jobs I knew I was more than qualified for.

Along the way I was coming up with more and more creative ways to try and stand out from the crowd and get myself noticed.  It was about this time that a friend of mine showed me a video resume that a friend of his had made for him.

I was intrigued.  With his permission, I created one myself, to use in my application.

The immensely positive feedback I received led me to the realization that this is a Revolutionary tool to help you and I get noticed and I would’ve been remiss to have kept it to myself.

I guess you could say the rest is just a clean slate of history.

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